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I'm Robyn, thank you so much for being here! 
I love skin and I want you to love yours too. 

If you've read my book Skinside Out, you know I'm a big skin nerd. I love showing you how skin works because I believe knowledge empowers great skin choices and taking away all the distracting marketing hype allows you to understand what you really need. 

This little patch of the internet is where you and I can get to know each other and I can help you navigate the gauntlet of the beauty industry, helping you make great skin choices, for life!

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The book that teaches everything you need to know about your skin, Skinside Out puts the common sense back into skin and teaches a common sense foundation of skin with a side of humour.

Without all the hype of a crazy skin care market, this book empowers you to make healthy skin care choices, for life! Available on ebook or a signed hard cover edition.

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You will step away confident in how to care for your skin, with a new found love and appreciation for the skin you live in. *Currently only available to Australian Residents. 

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The Skinside Out online re-programs focus on regenerating and rejuvenating your skin from the inside out. Addressing the leading a uses of your skin conditions we focus on acne repair, barrier repair, pigmentation and tonal skin revision, each program gives you the tools and skincare needed to change your skin from the inside out to the outside in! Coming Soon, register your interest here! 

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"This book is a godsend for our industry... Robyn explains skin in such a digestible way. She is dispelling myths and putting forward the science, making skin simple. ... Honestly it has made it so much easier for me to speak with my clients. This book should be a pre-requisite for all skin therapists. A client of mine has been reading your book between her treatments with me and she LOVES your analogies. She says they are helping her to understand what I am actually doing to her skin. "


Robyn's journey in the beauty industry began in 2005. After finishing beauty school she realised her skin knowledge was lacking and the expectation of her clients was beyond what a beauty therapist graduate is equipped with. 

This a sparked desire to know more so that she could offer services that actually helped women get the skin they always dreamed of. 

The biggest driving factor for becoming a leading skin expert was the complete disillusion of the beauty industry. So many companies were just looking to make a quick buck without actually providing real skin care and this is what lit a fire inside Robyn to learn everything she could about skin structure and function.

In 2009 Robyn opened the doors Skintifix, her skin clinic based in Newcastle, NSW, Australia. It's here that she and her 'skin squad' provide common sense skin solutions that actually work! 

Based on the principles of Corneotherapy (where all skins are treated as unique and your skins barrier is supported at all times) Robyn and her team provide the ultimate in skin repair for every skin type and condition. 

From 2014 - 2019 Robyn was named dermaviduals Corneotherapist of the Year in Australia and has provided her services to thousands of women all across Australia. 


Robyn's passion is helping women understand their skin so that they can feel empowered making skin care choices. It is this passion that created a need to reach further than just her skin clinic in Newcastle. With inquiries for help from clients all across the country, she needed to find a way to help from afar. In  2015 the Skinside Out Re-Program Course was born. This course allowed her to help women, no matter where they lived.

With her social media inboxes blowing up with questions and cries for skin saving help, it was evident that there was a need for a deeper understanding of skin. One that was factual, honest and based on the actual science of how skin worked, not just clever marketing. It was time to pour her knowledge into an esay to understand, light hearted and humorous book. In June of 2019 She released Skinside Out which has spread to over 18 different countries and is now a part of her online educational course.

The Skin Re-Program Course is available to all women who are ready to step into the healthiest skin of their life.
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Thanks for being here. I look forward to meeting you on the other side! 


Robyn xx

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