WTF? (What The Facial?)

If you are reading this, chances are you’ve never had a facial. I’ll often ask on my Instagram or Facebook page “When was the last time you had a facial?” Only to be showered with comments and messages of “Oh…I’ve never had a facial”

Girl… are you kidding me?
Do you have any idea what you’re missing??
If you did, you’d be booking with your nearest skin expert STAT cos once you’ve had one, you’ll never look back. You’ll do anything to make sure you have a monthly standing appointment from here to eternity!!

There’s soooooo many different types of facials out there so I am going to use a facial in my skin clinic as an example (cos in all honesty they are the BEST facial in the world. #true #notevenkidding)

The ultimate facial should encompass both skin correction and treatment with the ultimate, most relaxing experience of your life.

First, it should start with a chat about your skin with a professional, uber friendly, all skin knowing therapist who can take a look at your skin and devise a facial plan. Your therapist will know what to mix, what to blend and the exact order in which she should do them, to create skin you can’t stop perving in the rear view mirror on your way home!

Next, you should be tucked into a bed as soft as a cloud, under blankets that nurture, soul soothing music softly playing in the back ground, calm, peace, serenity.

Hmmmm…. Are you still with me? Because here comes the BEST part!

At the hands of a precision trained expert, you will experience a combination of cleansing, steaming, exfoliating, massaging, masks, serums… whatever it takes to give you the best skin of your life, all whilst feeling like you are drifting off into la la land.

So many amazing, skin saving things are being done, without you even being all that present of mind. You are more likely to be in that space between asleep and awake, where you might unsuspectingly let out a little snort as you drift deeper into bliss.

Voila… our work is done!

It’s a silent satisfaction for a therapist when we hear that snort! Snaps to us!

But the best part is, once you return from that place of deep rest and look in the mirror, you find radiant, fresh, vibrant skin staring right back at you!

If you haven’t already picked up the phone and booked… get to it, you can thank me later!
With all the facial love in the world,

Robyn xx

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