Pinterest got you confused on how much skin care to use?

I was just scrolling through my Pinterest feed last night (it’s like a vortex…get out while you still can!!) and up popped a bunch of images demonstrating the ideal amount to use for your skin care.

Whoa nelly!!!

Most are recommending waaaaay too much. Like… WAY too much!!

One post recommended a cherry tomato sized amount of moisturizer for your face, and the same amount again for your neck. At that rate, you would go through a 50ml average sized moisturizer in 2-3 weeks. Not only would you look like an oil spill, but it could also explain some breakouts and skin congestion.

At that rate, you could end up spending the very high hundreds per year just on a moisturizer. So unless you have Beyoncé’s budget, you need to keep reading!

Now it’s obvious the more concentrated an ingredient the less you need but all that varying information out there is misleading.

It’s time to set the record straight.

Using too much product is risky business. Not only are you wasting your skin care (read: hard earned cashola), you are also risking overdoing it with your skin and you’re likely to have a reaction, especially when they are recommending a pea sized amount of eye cream… FOR EACH EYE!!! (holy moly)

The less is more approach is the best option.

With quality, professional skin care, the quality of the ingredient is more concentrated, millilitre for millilitre, the value is far better, therefore you don’t need to be using it by the bucket load.

I want you to invest in great quality skin care, so I don’t want you to waste it because you’ll think it’s not worth the money, when in actual fact, used correctly, will last you much longer than any over the counter, retail skin care in a comparable size.

So how much skin care should you use?

Cleanser: If you have a foaming cleanser, you really don’t need too much at all. I would recommend a half a pea size for each cleanse. When mixed with water and foamed, it will go a long way. If using a cream or milk cleanser, use a full pea sized amount for each cleanse.

Toner: 2-3 spritzes. You really don’t need full saturation with your toner.

Serum: 3-4 drops – Serum isn’t designed to feel “saturated”. You really only need enough to spread quickly over your face and absorb. Not so much that you “moisturized”. Your moisturizer will take care of that.

Moisturiser: About the size of a half carat diamond, double if you are including your neck and chest. You may need to add a little more depending on the formulation.

Exfoliant: The size of a pea. Exfoliants usually aren’t foaming so you will need slightly more than you would of cleanser.

Eye Cream: About the size of a grain or rice, split between BOTH eyes. Spread all over your eyes, lid included.

Sunscreen: For your face, about the size of a peanut. Arms, legs, torso etc, about a teaspoon (remember to reapply after swimming!)

So next time you read that you need a shot glass of sunscreen for each limb (I know right??!!), you can confidently know that your skin is being well cared for with the less is more approach, especially if you are investing in well formulated, professional skin care.

Love Robyn xxx

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