Could your skin care products be causing your acne?

skin care products causing pimples

Think about it:

You grew up, moved out and headed straight to the beauty isle of the supermarket or the glamorous department store beauty counter and like a kid in a candy store, you went crazy in buying all the pretty smelling, decadently packaged lotions and potions.

Every pay day you had more to spend on another product to add to your collection. You read a blog about a miracle product, there was a sale, a gift with purchase. EVERYTHING sounded amazing!

What if I told you that your self prescribed, skin care cocktail could actually be the cause of your breakouts?

You see, when you use skin care that is not right for your skin type, or skin care containing a whole host of not-so-skin-care-ingredients in them (see here), your skin will do its best to try and deal with what you throw at it.

Sometimes, you might chop and change depending on your mood, or you mix brands because you like one from here and another from there.

But, what if I told you the formulations just don’t work together and they end up throwing a massive party (or should I say world war 3) on your face.

Each cosmetic house has their own secret formula. They don’t talk to each other to check how one of their magic ingredients is going to react with another brands’ secret, magic ingredient.

This can be a recipe for skin disaster.

Sooooooo many ingredients in skin care products are not synergistic to your skin. This means that your skin recognises it as a foreign substance and tries to get rid of it quick smart.

(And why should your skin want to accept and recognise things like food colouring, binding agents, perfume etc.. it’s not biologically identical and your cells have no need or use for it!)

Our skin can’t simply say, “Hey sister, could you please not put that chemical combination on me? It hurts me and will hurt you and I am trying to stop it from getting to your vital organs.”

Instead it has to get your attention by getting bumpy, pimply, red and irritated.

Your skin isn’t pushy.

It might not cry out straight away. It might take some time before your skin gets fed up. The daily application of each product is just one nail in the coffin… until eventually it gives way.

Then it gets worse.

Our skin starts showing breakouts so we think we have acne. We take our best intentions off to the beauty isle and buy whatever pimple drying, zit zapping miracle we can get our hands on.

These might work for a little while but aren’t always effective because we are still unwittingly using skin care that is causing our acne and causing our skin to be unhappy.

Skin that is supported by products that encourage our skin to go about its business, is the happiest, healthiest kind of skin there is.

Are you using skin care that is supporting how your skin works?

The only way to be certain is to read and understand the ingredient label. Get your google on. Informed skin care is the best skin care.

Want to be extra extra certain? Find a trusted skin expert. Someone who can explain skin in an easy, common sense way. Let them help you through the skin care gauntlet.

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