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Finally, in case you missed the Skin Care Quiz answers:

1. How much did Australians spend on skin care in 2013 / 2014?

Correct answer: A. $3.4 billion.

2. Do gentle / sensitive skin care products work for all skin types?

Correct answer: B. No.

Every skin type has specific needs for its daily care.

Using a gentle or sensitive skin care range when your skin type is not means that your skin is missing out on the daily support it

needs to function well. When you don’t have that daily support, your skin has to work harder to care for you.

Skin that has to work harder ages faster.

3. What are the three skin types?

Correct answer: C. Lipid dry, oily, diffused.

You’ve just been emailed a video with more information about skin types. Yay.

4. How often should you have a skin analysis completed?

Correct answer: C. Before buying any skin care and once or twice throughout the year.

Buying skin care without a full skin analysis means you could be buying the wrong products. This means money wasted on

something that might not be the right fit for you which means that the results you could achieve will be compromised.

Your specific skin type requires specific daily care and without a thorough skin analysis, you are only guessing which skin care to buy.

5. What is the most common skin reaction to using the wrong skin care?

Correct answer: A. Very little. Your skin stays the same.

When you use skin care that is not specific to your skin type, you are risking your skin’s daily function-ability.

At best, you could get away with using the wrong skin care and very little will happen.

BUT when you are not supporting your skin type on a daily basis, your skin deteriorates over time at a rate that you don’t notice

until it’s almost too late. Eeek!

More extreme but less common skin responses to using incorrect skin care can be an intense reaction.

You or someone you know may have experienced watery eyes, itching, burning, redness, swelling, flaking, puffy eyes etc.

This is because your skin knows the skin care is not right for you and goes into protection mode triggering a

response that tells you’re not to use it.