If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please get in touch. I’m sure if you’ve thought of it, someone else has too and I can continue to add to the FAQ’s page.
I promise there is no such thing as a silly question!
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Does everyone get the same products or are they tailored to individual skin type?

Everything I send to you is tailored or compounded especially for you (we determine this in your Skype skin consultation)
So yes, you may have some similar products to others who are doing the program but everyone will have varying combinations depending on their skin concerns.

My skin is sensitive & reactive and won’t tolerate lots of ingredients/products.

This is perfect because this program is designed for all skin types and concerns and every product you receive is free from fragrances, emulsifiers, preservatives, silicones, mineral oils, sulphates and amines.

These are common skin barrier disruptors and the leading cause of reaction for sensitive skin types. I have worked with many, many, many skin conditions in all varying degrees of “sensitive” so can assure you, your skin is in the best of hands!

Do I have to use 9 skin care products every day?? That seems like a lot!!!

No!!! You definitely don’t use all 9 products every day 🙂 I “drip feed” each product to you based on what your skin is going through at each stage of the program.

Some of the products from the program are not topical skin products so this isn’t going to be adding mountains of skin care products to your daily ‘to-do’ lists!!

A few of the products are only needed once or twice per week.

Don’t worry I promise you wont be bombarded or overwhelmed!

Skinside Out talks you through each step, where, when and what to use and is perfect for those who are just beginning to use skin care products, to those who have used everything under the sun!

What happens after the 12 weeks with regard to the products, my skin and replacing products as they run out?

After the 12 week program, your skin will be well on its way to being the healthiest it has ever been!

Many of the products will actually outlast the 12 weeks program so you won’t need to purchase them the minute the program ends. After your Skinside Out journey, you can replace products as you run out, just get in touch and we can chat about where your skin is at and what it is needing.

You are also more than welcome to repeat the program or move onto the next program (watch this space!)

Are the products cruelty free, not tested on animals?

Cruelty free, DEFINITELY!!!
All of the skin care products I recommend are vegan friendly, organic where possible and free from nasties.
So you will be avoiding fragrances, preservatives, mineral oils, emulsifiers and SLS etc… perfect if your skin is quite sensitive! I have worked with many, many, many skin conditions in all varying degrees of “sensitive” so can assure you, your skin is in the best of hand

What is included in the program?

My program includes EVERYTHING you need to care for your skin for the entire length of the program:

  • products you will need,
  • Not just the how, but also the why?
  • Illustrations, pictures and downloadable worksheets.
  • Weekly Videos
  • Daily support in our private facebook group

I’ve tried so many skin products, How is this different?

Skinside Out isn’t an overnight skin miracle, it wont wipe away wrinkles and leave you with skin that looks like a magazine cover.

It isn’t about guess work, hoping that it works.

Its not fad and hype around a fancy ingredient

Nor is it a sales target at a department store beauty counter.

This program is based on SKIN and what really happens below the surface.

So no, its not an overnight fix.

This program is well.. a “re-program”. I am working with you to bring your skin back to healthy, that may mean undoing some of the things you may have don’t to it over time, supporting the way YOUR skin intrinsically works and functions based on YOUR human make up.

12 weeks is just the beginning to beautiful, healthy skin for life!

What guarantee do you have that this will work?

I promise you that Skinside Out is honest, real and that when you commit, it works. Skin is an intricate organ that needs to be cared for. That’s what this program is all about J perfecting the way your skin functions!

So that means we are both equally responsible for your results. I promise that I have given you all of the tools you need to achieve results, the rest is up to you!

I’m here supporting you 100% (even kicking your butt if you need it!) so if you ‘bring it”, your skin will too!

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